Welcome to Siege Airsoft, Canada’s leading Airsoft Tactical Training Facility.

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We offer the largest and most immersive tactical training experience boasting and impressive 32,000 sqf facility with complete rental department, expansive staging area and environments that will satisfy even the most discerning individuals.

With a unique blend of CQB and open field, there is something for everyone. Our staff are open and friendly, as our focus is on participant experience, innovative scenario based simulation and most importantly safety. We encourage all individuals to become familiar with our on-field and off-field protocol and procedures, as they ensure the continuous flow of action and promote the success and wellbeing of participants and staff alike.

But what is airsoft training you might ask? Using team work, organization, courage and just the right amount of guts; participants perform and accomplish mission based objectives while building discipline, self confidence, and communication skills.

So turn off your PS4, or XBOX ONE and get yourself some real tactical training experience. Come find out what you are made of, come and #earnthosestripes.

REMINDER: Understand that Airsoft is a MATURE sport. Airsoft simulates the experience or armed force on force tactical engagements, as well as, immerse players’ roles in the perceived excitement of risk; which may seem ROUGH, INTENSE and/or VIOLENT. The experience varies and is reliant on HONESTY and HONOUR. While SAFETY is the main concern, remember that everyone is here to have FUN.



Our facility features:

  • 32,000 sq. ft. Facility
  • 380 FPS Field Limit
  • Large Multi-room Staging Area
  • Private Staging/Briefing Rooms
  • Premium Equipment Rentals
  • Lockable Storage
  • Friendly & Professional Staff
  • Visitors and Members lounges
  • Private Training Events Room
  • Modular Field Design
  • Easy Highway Access
  • TTC Accessible
  • Focus on Participant Safety


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