Field Rules

Here at Siege Airsoft, we’re fun loving people but that doesn’t mean we aren’t sticklers for rules. Below you will find a list of our General field rules, Safety rules, Rules of Engagement and Emergency protocol.


- All firearms must chronograph < 380 FPS, no exceptions.
– Firearms are tested and tagged at each visit and are subject to test at staff discretion.
– No alcohol or drugs will be tolerated.
– Barrel blocking devices ( BBD ) such as barrel covers enforced outside of play area.
– Players must wear approved full seal eye protection, players < 12 yrs of age are required to wear full face.
– Players may use their own protective equipment, but must meet ANSI Z87.1 rating and be approved by the staff.
– Staff reserves the right to test all protective equipment. 
Rental Equipment is available upon request.
– No smoke grenades. No Lasers. No “Thunder B” or other sound grenade devices.
– Players must be 18+ with signed WAIVER, or 12+ with the signed WAIVER of consent of a parent present on premises.


- No firearms will be transported to or from Siege Airsoft premises without a proper transportation case or bag.
– In Safe Area, all guns must be kept with: magazines OUT, safety on, chambers clear, barrel covers/ muzzle cover on.
– All side arms ( pistols ) without BBD must have: mags out, chambers clear, stored safely in holster or case.
– No dry firing in Safe Area. Weapon testing / calibration may be conducted once on field.


- Absolutely no blind fire.
– Full auto burst limited to 2 second intervals. LMG /MG are exempt from this for suppression purposes.
– If you are hit by bbs during game play CALL YOURSELF OUT.
– Players may call themselves out by raising their weapon above their head, with hands away from trigger or pistol grip and weapon set to safe. Or weapon be slung set to safe, raise one or both hands to confirm indication that they are out
 -Do not call opponents out – Airsoft is an honour based activity, and players are responsible for recognizing when they have been stuck by the simulated projectiles
– No shooting through “non- man made holes” 
- Head shots are discouraged and should be avoided
– If you witness a player violating violating standard / game specific rules / safety rules, please inform them in a swift and friendly manner. ( if the player chooses to ignore the courtesy of your assistance, please inform the game host, officials, field marshall, or referee at your earliest chance
– Gear hits (packs, pouches, holsters, helmets, vest) do count
– Gun hits are GUN OUT until next re-spawn (players may use their secondary to maintain combat effectiveness.)
– To avoid risk of potential injury, mercies are encouraged. Players do not have to accept mercy and may attempt to defend themselves.
– Grenades are BB hits only.
– Meele weapons are limited to TAP only, absolutely NO THROWING.
– No climbing Obstacles (only stairs can be climbed in game).
– Unsportsmanlike behaviour/conduct will result in player ejection from play for the rest of the round, possible removal from premises, or complete banning from facility. Disciplinary decisions are at referee’s discretion and are final.
– Should conduct be deemed illegal, responsible parties will be held liable and prosecutable to the full extent of the law.
– In the event of fogging or safety gear malfunction, call yourself out, indicate to other players your situation, and exit to safe area.


In the event of serious emergency where the event or game must come to immediate halt, the term “No Duff” will be called out to all players
1) stop all play
2) make all weapons safe and remove mags
3) make your way to safe zone in safe and timely fashion.
4) check in with game control for role call
5) wait in safe zone for further instructions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or see us at the field and we can clarify anything you may be curious about. Safety is our number one priority.