Replace your workplace stress with powerful team building scenario based exercises. Airsoft is a safe and exciting way to create invaluable bonds between colleagues. Through working together to achieve mission objectives, you promote healthy and supportive work environments that transcend the battlefield. So what are you waiting for, trade those trust falls for M4’s and get some real work done.

Want a special way to celebrate your next milestone? Do it in style, Navy Seal style. Airsoft is the perfect way to make an event memorable, you’ll never forget that time you and your battle buddies held off attacking forces, or stormed a strong hold. Let us make your birthday, bachelor(ette) a day to remember.



Simple Play or Team Build

Simple Play – gets you and your staff onto the field for hours of intense tactical. Pit labour against management or break teams up by department. Teams can be decided however you choose and will be lead through a variety of basic game modes by our onsite field marshalls.

Team Build – puts you and your team into groups to complete tactical objectives. Staff will have fun learning to communicate and work together clearing rooms, shooting targets and working through problem solving situations with the help and guidance of our experienced team leaders. Our programs offer invaluable education that can translate back to the office as your staff builds morale, trust and bonding experiences.

Because every workplace and organization is different, we would be happy to tailor events towards your specific needs and goals.

Food & Beverage

We offer a number of different food and drink packages for your corporate event, please contact us for more details.