We offer the largest and most immersive tactical training experience boasting and impressive 32,000 sqf facility with complete rental department, expansive staging area and environments that will satisfy even the most discerning individuals.

With a unique blend of CQB and open field, there is something for everyone. Our staff are open and friendly, as our focus is on participant experience, innovative scenario based simulation and most importantly safety. We encourage all individuals to become familiar with our on-field and off-field protocol and procedures, as they ensure the continuous flow of action and promote the success and wellbeing of participants and staff alike.

But what is airsoft training you might ask? Using team work, organization, courage and just the right amount of guts; participants perform and accomplish mission based objectives while building discipline, self confidence, and communication skills.

So turn off your VIDEO GAMES and get yourself some real tactical training experience. Come find out what you are made of, come and #earnthosestripes.


For the safety and experience of customers, we require all customers to book into specific time slots. All bookings must be done online through our scheduling system. All spots are available on a first come first served basis. Please be prepared to make an online profile, fill a digital waiver, authenticate your information via email confirmation, and be billed with a valid credit card. Any cancellations must be done online 24 hours prior for credit towards your next booking.

4HR PRIVATE covers admission for 20 players to play or train privately in our facility for 4 hours. Any player in excess of 20 will be charged additional admission fees onsite. The package is booked as a group and billed online through one user. Pre waivers are done online. This package must be booked online 10 days in advance. Any cancellations must be done online 24 hours prior for credit towards your next booking.

OPEN PLAY allows individual players admission into officially hosted games against public players. OPEN PLAY admission can be booked online 30 MINUTES prior. Any cancellations must be done online 24 hours prior for credit towards your next booking. ( Walk-ins accepted in the first 15 minutes open play sessions. Please show up early to secure your walk-in spot. Walk-ins are welcome on a first come first serve basis, provided there is space within our capacity limit. Booked slots will always take precedence over walk-ins )

PRE REG EVENT allows individual players admission into officially hosted events. PRE REG EVENT admission can be booked online 30 MINUTES prior. Any cancellations must be done online 24 hours prior for credit towards your next booking. ( NO Walk-ins accepted. Pre-reg only. Rental equipment will not be available during this session. It is advised that players bring their own gear in order to make the most of their time.)

PRE REG TEAM EVENT allows team admission into officially hosted events. PRE REG TEAM EVENT admission can be booked online 30 MINUTES prior. Any cancellations must be done online 48 hours prior for credit towards your next booking. ( NO Walk-ins accepted. Pre-reg only. Rental equipment will not be available during this session. It is advised that players bring their own gear in order to make the most of their time.)

FRAGPACKS are packages sold online through our self service system, which covers admission to book a pre-set amount of reservations into regular OPEN PLAY type sessions from our calendar.
FRAGPACKS can also be shared to book multiple friends or minors into the same session. Please read the instructions below. 
NOTE: Each session shared is deducted from remaining FRAGPACK sessions. 


1.     Log-into the self service system and go to your user “Profile” on the menu.
2.     Go to the “Relationships” tab and click on “Add Relationship”. 
3.     Start typing player names. If the player you wish to book for already has a pre-existing self service account, the system will auto-populate suggested profiles, then notify the player. Review the info. and submit. You are now able to book a session on their behalf.
4.     If they do not have an existing account, there will be no matches in the suggested online profiles. Take a moment to fill in the relevant fields. Review the info. and submit. You are now able to book a session on their behalf.
5.     Go back to the “Book Session” tab, click “filter” above the session calendar, select the player you want to book for and proceed to book him/her into the desired session.

We are going paperless with our waivers, no more signing the same sheet over and over. E-waivers are now tied to each players account. 
Our digital waivers can be filled online from our website.

Please be sure to arrive on time for your booking session. Players will be given a wristband with their time slot written on it, this is their ticket in. Players must keep this band on their body at all times to be allowed onto the field of play. If a player misplaces their wristband, please let the staff know. Products and various consumables may be purchased onsite during the session. Players that arrive for a session that they have not registered will not be allowed on the field of play. 

Due to nature of airsoft guns and equipment, we recommend that all players aspire for the highest most responsible level of safety to avoid any potential problems. We recommend the use of opaque lockable gun cases, trigger locks and cable locks to prevent unpredictable public mishaps.
Take particular care and be aware of how batteries, and flammable gas propellants are stored, especially during extreme temperatures. 
Please be aware and abide by transportation laws and bylaws with regards to transportation services. 

Gun bags, cases or boxes are mandatory. The parking lot and any area outside of Siege is considered public property.
Carrying an exposed airsoft gun or grenade into the facility is grounds for rejections of service up to a ban with no refund. 

Please be sure to practice the same safe transportation policies when exiting the facility, when catching a breath, or visiting your vehicle between games.
Be sure pistols are not in holsters and grenades are not in pouches when exciting the facility. 


Barrel socks are mandatory. The material must be capable of not allowing any BB penetration and have a way to affix them via tension on the gun. IE: an elastic barrel sock, these can be purchased on field.

In the staging area all guns must have their magazines out chambers clear, guns on safe, and barrel socks on. Revolvers, lever actions, break barrels and grenade launchers must have actions open, chambers cleared and on safe in safe area.

Pistols or small guns that are only able to be holstered do not need a barrel sock but must have their magazine out, chambers clear, on safe and in holster.


Eyepro must be worn at all times on the field of play regardless of fog, end of games, range uses, or whatsoever. Players must put on eyepro before entering the field and must not take it off until out of the airlock and into the staging area.

Eyepro must be rated with a clearly labeled ANSI Z87.1, higher, or equivalent rating (MIL-DTL-43511D, MIL-PRF-31013, EN166, 169, 170 & 172). Any lenses not rated with these stamps, or with proper documentation will be rejected. Eyepro must be full seal and have a retention strap. Siege Airsoft will inspect and test eyepro on a need to need basis. We will reject eye protection if it does not meet our standards of safety.  Shooting glasses are not allowed unless they are full seal and have a retention strap (Pyramex Sierra, Oakley M-Frame + rear retention straps, ect).

Please keep your eye protection on at all times when you are in the field. Do not take it off under any circumstances including fog or when the game is over. As long as you are in an area where BBs can fire, do not take eyepro off. If you see a player removing their eye protection, please remind them to put it back on.If fogging or having issues call yourself out and deal with those issues off the field.

Face protection such as mesh, neoprene or plastic lowers are mandatory for players aged under 18, optional 18+ players but highly recommended due to close quarters engagement distances. BBs can cause permanent dental injuries.

Melee weapons are to be plastic or rubber with blunted tips and edges. Melee are a light tap only and cannot be given face to face, it must be given from a flank to avoid ambiguity. Melee weapons must be in a player’s hand to be used (cannot be thrown, or weapon mounted). Melee kills are silent, do not yell hit.
Put hand up and walk to spawn or off the field depending on game rules. 
Melee weapons cannot be shoved through holes on the field.

Do not throw melee weapons, any forms of bayonets are out of play. (We do not want the weight of the gun going into the person)


All guns must have a trigger guard.
Extended and Binary triggers are prohibited.

All rifles must have a functional external safety control.

Airsoft guns intended for gameplay must be chronographed before being brought onto the field of play.
Only siege staff are allowed to use the chronograph. If a player wishes to have their gun chronographed they must ask staff.
Guns will be chronographed with field provided bbs.
All guns must be chronographed with the hop-up all the way OFF in order to attain an accurate reading. You may mark and zero your hop up after hand.
Once guns are properly tested they will be tagged with an admission band that is the same colour as the one used for the day, the gun is now safe for game use. If the tag falls off or is lost please let one of the staff members know and we will provide a new one.

  • AEGs (automatic electric guns): Maximum of 380FPS with a 0.20 gram BB or 1.34 Joules with any BB up to a 0.3 gram.
  • HPA (High Pressure Air): Maximum of 1.34 Joules with any bb up to 0.30g, air-rigs will be tourney locked with zip ties and tagged with an admission band.
  • Spring Guns (sniper rifles, shotguns): Maximum of 1.34 Joules with any bb up to 0.30g. 
  • Gas guns: Maximum of 1.34 Joules with any bb up to a .30g. Gas guns will need to be chronographed with a fully charged gas mag. 

*** Players may be spot checked for chronographed guns at any time for the safety of all participants.

Only 6mm NON-BIO bbs are allowed. Bio bbs have a tendency to shatter on impact and can cause injury at close range CQB engagements.
Only BBs up to a .30g are permitted for use.

Absolutely, no silica, paint, explosive, glass, or metal BBs are to be used on the field.

All Grenades must be inert or rendered safe from accidental discharge while in the safe area. Be sure to read and understand your grenade functions prior to use. 
FRAG GRENADES are a BB hit BB kill. There is no radius kill. Players are expected to use their best judgement, if they have felt a grenade has killed them, it likely has. It is best to yell, “grenade out!” or “frag out!” When throwing a grenade. This not only is safer, but it prepares people in the room to call a hit.
Grenades can only be thrown from spots of symmetrical engagement (cannot be thrown where you cannot shoot IE: over the walls of the killhouse).
If you are behind cover and a grenade goes off with no BB hit you are still alive. Duds and non exploded grenades do not count. 

The only noise grenades that are in play are the Airsoft Innovations XL Burst with 1 burst disk. It is only a DISTRACTION DEVICE and not a kill. Do not touch other players’ grenades or throw them back without their expressed permission. The field marshall may hit check non-called grenade hits.

LAUNCHER GRENADES (40MM Grenade Launchers)
Shower shells are to be treated like shotguns. Airsoft innovations 40mm master mikes have a  25 foot minimum engagement distance. Do not blind fire with any launchers, you must have a line of sight to the target area to fire. Do not fill grenades with anything but green gas.

Machine guns are classified as any gun that is a copy of an existing machine gun such as an M249, M240, RPK, PKM, RPD, Shrike, M60, ect. For example an M4 with a box mag is not a machine gun, but an RPK with an AK magazine is. Ultimately, it is up to the staff discretion what is considered a machine gun and what is not. Machine guns have slightly different rules of engagement. They are allowed to use automatic fire provided they meet the following criteria:
The gun must be chronographed like all airsoft guns entering Siege

  • It has a minimum automatic engagement distance of 25 feet (one red I beam to the other)
  • It is fired in 2-5 round automatic bursts.
  • It is unable to shoot past 30 rounds per second. 

If entering a distance closer than 25 feet the machine gunner must either switch the gun to semi or switch to a secondary weapon. Under all other cases or unless stated otherwise default to the general weapon rules of engagement.

The following items are not to be used on the field of play at any time other than for aesthetic purposes:
– Pyrotechnic and smoke grenades, Thunder Bs, Tag shells, Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike, Metal bladed weapons and bayonets
– Shields that have not been approved by staff
– Visible Lasers
– IR lasers unless proper documentation is provided for low light games
– Bio BBs, Silica BBs, metal BBs and any BBs over .30
– Red or black gas.

Siege staff retains the right to modify or change these rules as they see fit to best ensure the safety and quality of our facility and games. If clarification or accommodations are required please contact Siege Airsoft ahead of time.
Staff reserves the right to test all guns and protective equipment. 
Rental Equipment is available upon request.


Players must be a minimum of 12 years of age to be allowed on the field. Players between 12-17 years of age must have a parent or guardian sign off on their waverers in person.
Players 18 and above may sign their own waivers. Regardless of age, airsoft is a team based activity. Please show maturity and respect when at Siege airsoft.

If over 18 please have a form of ID on you at all times. You may need to provide proof of age for wavering and insurance purposes. Parents and guardians must be on site with ID to sign off for their children or dependants. Photos of ID or Signatures will NOT be accepted as a valid form of ID.

Please be sure to arrive on time for your booking session. Products and various consumables may be purchased onsite during the session. Players that arrive for a session that they have not registered will not be allowed on the field of play. 

1) Be sure to check-in first BEFORE bringing kit into the facility. 
2) One waivering and booking information is confirmed, Players will be filled in regarding staging area and will be directed to your dedicated staging area.
3) You may now bring your kit into the facility to stage.
4) Initial briefings and games will start as soon as players are ready.

Smoking or vaping must be done 20 Metres from the facility entrances. Please dispose of cigarettes in the provided ash bucket. Please keep cigarette disposal in the ashtray and garbage in the garbage can.

Under no circumstance are players allowed to be inebriated and under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication while handling firearms. Our emphasis is for players to have fun while experiencing shooting in a clean and safe environment. We prioritize and will not compromise the safety of all of our patrons and our staff. Players under the influence will not be allowed to play and will be asked to sit out from games.

IT ONLY TAKES 1 BB TO BE CONSIDERED “DEAD”. AVOID CALLING OUT OTHER PEOPLE’S HITS. When hit by a BB, stop shooting or play. Immediately yell “HIT”. You are now out and must proceed to respawn or wait to be medic’d. Remember to use your KILL RAG or KILL LIGHT while carefully walking back to re-spawn or or leaving the field (depending on game rules). Try to walk with your airsoft gun over your head to avoid confusing your team mates. Dead players DO NOT TALK. Dead players do not interact with active players until they respawn or are brought back into the game. If unsure you got hit the best practice is to call it out anyways. “When in doubt call it out” . FRIENDLY FIRES DO COUNT. Ricochets off walls do not count, however use best judgement to determine and honesty. Players cannot uncall a hit or ricochet. When the decision is made to call out a hit, it cannot be retracted until they respawn.

PARLAY: In the event of a parlay or where two players shoot each other simultaneously or nearly simultaneously, both players are now out. Disputes may be solved civilly or with a game of rock, paper, scissors 

CHEATERS: Be sure to clearly identify them to the field marshall so staff can hit check them or reprimand them if needed. 

GEAR HITS: packs, pouches, holsters, helmets, vest) DO count.

Our field is only as good as our player base, please make sure to follow the above hierarchy to maintain a high standard of play at Siege.


  • If a player’s weapon gets hit with a BB it is known as a gun hit. Ricochets do not count for gun hits.
  • Once a player’s gun is hit they must yell “GUN HIT”. That weapon is now disabled for 10 seconds, they may count aloud from 10 until that time expires. In which case the player will yell “BACK IN”, and their weapon is up as normal.
  • When a player’s weapon is disabled that weapon is unable to be used and must be slung or held in a low/high ready position. They may transition to a secondary weapon, melee weapon, or move around as normal until that 10 seconds expires.
  • If a player is hit during a weapon disabling gun hit, they are dead as normal.

There are no mandatory mercy rules at Siege airsoft. While we understand this may sound dangerous we ensure all the guns that are used on the field are within safe limits. The lack of mandatory mercy improves game flow and reduces ambiguity on field. 

  • There is no minimum engagement distance for any guns except machine guns and master mike grenades.
  • Do not give a shot you yourself would not take. 
  • If a player does give a mercy it cannot be given “barrel to barrel” or “face to face” it must be given at a flanking angle.


Unless otherwise cleared by the ref all games run at siege airsoft are strictly semi-automatic only games. Players should only be on the safe and semi-automatic fire modes.

  • Players are responsible for ensuring that their hop up and optics are zeroed to their rifle. Please ask staff if assistance is needed. 
  • Players are not to muzzle-strike, use bayonets, or use their airsoft gun as a melee weapon. 
  • Players are not to touch each other’s guns or disarm players on the field.


  • Try not to overshoot or “bonus-ball” players, it only take 1 bb to kill
  • Being clear about being hit and moving out of the line of fire usually fixes overshooting issues. 
  • Understand that with a large amount of players, overshooting is not only a possibility but a likely outcome. I.E. If there are 6 people covering an angle and they all fire twice at a player, that is 12 shots.


  • Do not blind fire, you must be able to clearly see and ID targets from the gun to shoot, wrists must not be canted around cover. 
  • Any gaps on the field can be used if they fulfill above condition. Report any unfair spots or concerns to staff after the game.  
  • For jump shots and quick peek shots, the head must be seen by the target before the gun to avoid cheating. 
  • Do not move cover to create gaps, this includes sliding or running into cover.

Please show up to briefings on time. As staff, we will give warnings when the next games are happening. Players that do not listen to the rules or do not show up to briefings may not be allowed to play this game (this is up to ref discretion).
Please be sure to reload immediately after games to ensure your kit is ready for the next game instead of trying to rush. If not participating in the game, please be quiet so that others may hear properly. This is for the consideration of all players.

Be sure to have your eye protection on before entering the field. Only once you are in the field can you put the mag in and take the barrel sock off your gun.
Do not fire inside the airlock. 
Please enter in an orderly fashion, do not block the entrance or any doorways.
Be sure you are wavered up and chronographed before entering.

Players are responsible for keeping their staging area clean. Please try to leave an area as you saw it, pick up BBs, throw away all garbage and recycling to its relevant disposal bins. Private rooms are held to a higher standard of cleanliness than open booking areas. Please ensure that player booked rooms are left in a state they were found in after use. If you need cleanup materials do not hesitate to ask staff for brooms or mops.


  • Do not point at anything you do not intend to shoot
  • Keep fingers off the trigger unless you are ready to fire.
  • Treat every gun as if it is loaded
  • Be familiar with the operations of a gun before handling it
  • If an airsoft gun needs to be dry fire or tested in the safe area, please ask staff before doing so.



  • No dry firing in Safe Area. Weapon testing / calibration may be conducted once on field.
  • Practice TRIGGER DISCIPLINE. Treat your airsoft gun as if it were a real firearm. Avoid accidental discharge and keep your finger rested outside of the trigger guard until you are ready to fire.
  • Practice MUZZLE DISCIPLINE. Always be mindful of where your muzzle is pointed. posturing in a way that points your gun at any person in while in the safe area sill not be tolerated.



  • EYE PROTECTION must be worn at all times in the field. In the event of fogging, call yourself out, indicate your situation to other players and exit to the safe area. Be sure to notify Siege Staff regarding your situation so you can get re-admitted into the game.
  • Respect the cover at siege. Please do not move any cover or objectives that are not meant to be moved. This includes objectives NOT in play. IE If the shields are not in play, do not move them 
  • Do not shoot at the lights, ref tower, or any spectators. 
  • Do not climb or move objects in the field that are not meant to be climbed.
  • If you see any cover that is out of place, or anything dangerously exposed like screws, nails, loose parts, etc. Be sure to report it to the staff so that we can fix it.


  • If any participant sees something that warrants a cessation of play, they must yell out NO DUFF. (Broken glass, injured players, unruly dispute or fight)
  • A NO DUFF means to make guns in the safe condition (mags out, chambers clear, guns on safe, barrel socks on)
  • If you see someone yelling NO DUFF, repeat until all players cease playing and firing.
  • Once players call and hear the NO DUFF, cease playing immediately and wait for further instructions from the field marshall. The likely action will be to vacate the field.
  • Do not call NO DUFF for being shot or any non-emergency, however if you do feel that the game needs to be stopped for a legitimate reason do not hesitate to give the NO DUFF call. 


For AEGs Guns:

    1. The magazine must be out of the gun
    2. Discharge the gun on the field 2-3 times in semi-automatic to ensure that the chamber is clear
    3. The selector is put onto safe
    4. The barrel sock is put on
    5. The gun is now considered safe 

For HPA Guns:

    1. The magazine must be out of the gun
    2. The gun must be discharged on the field 2-3 times in semi-automatic to ensure that the chamber is clear
    3. The selector is put onto safe
    4. The airline (if possible) is disconnected
    5. The barrel sock is put on
    6. The gun is now considered safe.

For Gas and Spring Guns: 

    1. The magazine must be out of the gun
    2. Rack the gun until the chamber is clear
    3. The selector is put onto safe 
    4. If possible leave the bolt or slide locked to the rear
    5. The barrel sock is put on, pistols are holstered.
    6. The gun is now considered safe

Siege Airsoft Inc. is not responsible for any loss of stolen goods. Please store them safely, non-reserved footlockers can be found in the staging area and are open for use. Locks can be player provided or rented from the front desk. Players should ensure that all items properly labeled. Markers and tape for labelling can be borrowed from the front desk.

If a player finds themselves upon a lost item please leave the item where it is and let the staff know at earliest convenience. It is likely that the owner knows where these items are. If required, give lost items to the game marshall or staff and an announcement will be made about it.

Items that are lost on the premises  and not collected by the players will be held at the field lost and found. If you suspect you have an item in the lost and found please provide some sort of proof of ownership (receipt, identifying marks, pictures, etc.). The staff will promptly return the item to you.

Players caught stealing items (whether in the act or on footage) will be reported to law enforcement and banned from the field with no refund. Picking up lost items and pocketing them for personal purposes is considered theft and will be dealt with accordingly. Do not touch anything that is not yours without the permission of the owner.




Respect the cover at siege. Please do not move any cover or objectives that are not meant to be moved. This includes objectives NOT in play. IE If the shields are not in play, do not move them. Do not shoot at the lights, ref tower, or any spectators. Do not climb or move objects in the field that are not meant to be climbed.If you see any cover that is out of place, or anything dangerously exposed like screws, nails, loose parts, etc. Be sure to report it to the staff so that we can fix it.

HONESTY AND SPORTSMANSHIP FOR ONESELF – Be sure to call your OWN hits and not other people’s hits. Remain accountable for your own honesty.
This also falls into shooting other players, be sure your gun and optics are zeroed and know where you are shooting. Do not call people out if your own accuracy is questionable.

HONESTY FOR TEAMMATES AND SQUADMATES – Prioritize your team being honest before the enemy team. If you see a teammate shrugging hits or cheating it is best to let them know kindly that they have gotten hit. It is much more effective than opposing teams calling each other out because there is always something at stake for winning versus self-policing.

HONESTY FOR THE OPPOSING TEAM – Be sure to have the above two factors before accusing the players on the other team of cheating. If you suspect an enemy player of cheating be sure to identify the player and bring the issue to a referee. It is strongly discouraged to  take matters into your own hands if players cannot feel that the issue can be dealt with civilly.

For everyone’s safety, we cannot tolerate inappropriate or aggressive behaviour, harassment or coarse language. People who engage in this type of behaviour will be asked to leave.
Unsportsmanlike behaviour / gameplay will result in player ejection from play for the rest of the round, possible removal from premises, or complete banning from facility. Disciplinary decisions area at referee’s discretion and are final.
Do not damage Siege property. You will be held responsible for damages incurred and possible banning.
Should conduct be deemed illegal, responsible parties will be held liable and prosecutable to the full extent of the law.


  • Online Pre-registration and digital waivers for designated time slots
  • Cashless Point of Sales system – Debit and Credit Card payment please
  • Enhanced comprehensive sanitary procedures
  • Plexiglass panels at all our service stations
  • Limited player occupancy. 
  • Open contactless flow of foot traffic – no vinyl flaps
  • Magnetic door locks for entrance
  • Screening vestibule at main entrance
  • Designated waiting area
  • Dedicated individual staging zones for all players
  • Hand sanitizer stations available though out staging area
  • Communal Tools will not be available – please come prepared and with functional equipment.
  • Rental packages come with NEW full face masks for renters to keep.
  • New rental guns sanitation infrastructure, training, protocols and policies. 


  • Stay at home if you are feeling sick or have recently travelled out of province
  • Avoid sharing food and drinks with other customers
  • Melee Kills will not be in effect – 6ft minimum engagement – please frag from a distance
  • Avoid touching and sharing personal items with each other
  • In-field contactless Chronographs stations
  • Only customers whom are registered with the specific booking time slot are allowed in the facility
  • Pre defined dedicated staging zones are marked off to ensure ample space for social distancing for all players
  • Be aware and maintain social distance at all times
  • wash or sanitize your hands often


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or see us at the field and we can clarify anything you may be curious about. Safety is our number one priority.