2 Hour Night Owl Special
A test of speed, accuracy, and weapons manipulation.
Shooting challenges will involve the usage of the range and field with timers and targets. Targets will range from large steels, to paper, to flipper targets. Participants will compete for the best accuracy, times, and speed. The facilities used for the shooting challenge are not just limited Winners may even qualify for prizes during these events.


A refined competitive airsoft tournament based on our popular “counter-strike” game mode. “De_siege” offers the best competitive airsoft experience in a single package. It combines the intensity of Speedsoft and minigames, with the tactics and objectives of milsim.

Players will be challenged with our fields varied environments including open areas, differing levels of light, and intense CQB room clearing in our Urban Assault Killhouse.

Asymmetric attack and defend gameplay will offer a distinct experience to tournament level play with differing objectives for each team based on the planting or defusing of a custom made bomb prop.


2 Hour Night Owl Special
Fast paced minigames, a true test of competitive airsoft.

Minigame madness involves our field being used with signature game modes involving multiple rounds and short intense bursts of gameplay. Players can expect games such as Demolition, Half-Field Elimination, Counter-Strike and much more. These games will last 2-3 minutes and usually involve a single life per round. After the round, teams will switch sides and play for a total of 3-6 rounds per set. Games will also take advantage of speed by restricting the areas of play so players can expect non-stop action and close quarters combat.


2 Hour Night Owl Special
A micro-sized milsim for teamwork and tactics.

Siege Scenario Samplers are full field scenarios based on scaled down versions of our Scenario Night and Direct Action Missions. Players will be led by an experienced Fireteam leader and will be involved in asymmetric missions involving things such as raids, hostage rescue and HVT escorts. Teams will be divided and be unaware of the goals of the other team, players must rely on strong teamwork and tactics to complete their objectives. Medic rules and no-bleed outs for the duration of these missions (typically 10-20 minutes) add realism and immersion with players dropping and playing dead when shot. 


Book siege privately for up to 4 hours (Check session schedule for exact times).

Want to run your own games or events without any interruptions? Want to play any of the events or open play games with friends and colleges only? Book Siege privately for your airsoft needs. Enjoy our full facility at your own pace, feel free to modify some of our rules to suit your unique needs and events. Our staff will be on site to supervise and assist for timing, refereeing, and selling any consumables your group needs. Contact us for more details regarding private bookings.